Custom Furnace Filter

This is a custom filter tool – select your filter length , width , height , quality , and quantity – And its ordered!


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Custom Size AC Filters manufactured by Merv Filters LLC are made with high standards to fit your air system, ensuring you and your family breathe cleaner indoor air and stay away from all harmful allergen irritants. We understand how difficult it may be to find the correct diameter filter that your system actually requires.

We offer a great range of standard size filters, however, if you don’t find the perfect size that meets your needs, don’t worry, we can provide you custom size air filters. You need not spend extra dollars having your system re-engineered to find the standard size filter. Build A Custom Filter Now!

Custom Air Filters Starting as low as $4.99

Simply measure the length, width, and depth of your filter for the exact dimensions. All of our custom ac filters are manufactured in the USA and can last for up to 3 months. Feel free to contact our friendly support team if you have any query regarding product size or pricing.

CONSTRUCTION: Custom air filters are constructed by combining or cutting down 1, 2 or 3 filter frames, depending upon the size that suits your needs.

RETURNS: Yes, you can return all standard sized air filters, but we do not take back custom furnace filters. Ensure you mention the right size to purchase the correct size filter when you order since you can NOT return it.



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