28x30x4 Merv 8 Furnace Air Filter

Code: 28304M8

Actual Size:27 3/8 x 29 3/8 x 3 5/8

  • Extends life of HVAC Equipment
  • Protects HVAC Equipment
  • Top Quality
  • All Filters are made to order, please allow up to 7 days for processing.
  • Color of filter may vary from picture




As we know that exposure to toxins in indoor air may cause serious health issues like asthma, irritation, respiratory and cancer. Thus, regular changing of your air filter becomes vital as it not only improves your health, but also leads a comfortable living. Regular replacement of air filter maintains the right flow of air into the engine and protects the engine from expensive repairs.

When it comes to shopping 28X30X4 MERV 8 Furnace Air Filter, Merv Filters LLC is the perfect destination for you to buy inexpensive filters in various sizes and rating you need. We specialize in custom filters as well; just allow us 7 days for processing.

Our pleated 28X30X4 filters are manufactured to withstand even the rigorous conditions and operate more efficiently. The filter media are continuously linked to the enclosure frame, which helps to prevent dust go around. Our filters will last for 90 days, but are recommended to be changed in 30-60 days if you own pets or live in a high-pollen area.

So, Shop your 28X30X4 size filter online, and keep your HVAC system running well for many more years! Your order will be delivered to your door within 3-5 business days.

Important Note: As our filter’s actual size varies from the size that is printed on its box. So, when you will order a MERV 8 filter of 28X30X4 size, you will likely to get a 27.5X29.5X3.75 size filter.

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