16x25x4 Merv 13 Furnace Air Filter

Code: 16254M13

Actual Size:15 3/8 x 24 3/8 x 3 5/8

  • Extends life of HVAC Equipment
  • Protects HVAC Equipment
  • Top Quality
  • All Filters are made to order, please allow up to 7 days for processing.
  • Color of filter may vary from picture




Routinely maintenance of your home’s heating and cooling system is essential to make sure your system operates efficiently. Proper maintenance (includes air filters) will keep good air quality in your living space, extend the life of your system and less energy consumption. So, it’s important to switch your HVAC’s furnace filters on a regular basis to keep your indoor air quality clean. By installing a new filter, you are protecting your system from damage as well as providing clean air to your loved ones.

How often you should change your air filter depends upon the conditions where you live? If you are living in the areas more prone to construction sites or mining sites, change your system’s air filter more often, however, 16x25x4 air filter MERV 13 is designed to last for up to three months.

Our 16x25x4 MERV 13 furnace filters are chemical-free, made of 100% synthetic media that supports high dust-holding capacity and long filter service life. These pleated air filters have better efficiency than fiberglass and can last for 90 days. With high dust holding capability, our 16x25x4 MERV 13 furnace filter can hold small particles even as tiny as 0.3 microns. We recommend homeowners living with pets or someone suffering from allergies in their family should choose MERV 13 filters in order to make their loved ones’ life more comfortable.

Important Note: When you purchase MERV 13 air filter online, make sure you measure dimensions of your replacement filter. We sell our air filters by their nominal dimension that is a rounded up number slightly greater than actual dimension. For example, if you order filter with size 16x25x4, you will receive the filter with a size of 15.5×24.5×3.75

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