16x24x2 Merv 13 Furnace Air Filter

Code: 16242M13

Actual Size:15 1/2 x 23 1/2 x 1 3/4

  • Extends life of HVAC Equipment
  • Protects HVAC Equipment
  • Top Quality
  • All Filters are made to order, please allow up to 7 days for processing.
  • Color of filter may vary from picture




A clogged air filter uses too much energy as compared to a clean or new filter, which means higher electricity bills. From decreasing the electric bill to improving the efficiency of the HVAC system, changing an air filter with the right sized & high-quality air filters effect can save your dollars. It helps you keep your house in good condition, money in a pocket as well as maintain your health. Thus, changing an air filter on a regular basis will help you every way โ€“ economically, environmentally, and health-wise.

Merv Filters LLC is a leading supplier of MERV 13 furnace air filters. Our 16X24X2 MERV 13 filters are made up of the finest quality materials to last longer. Whether you need it for a residential or commercial environment, due to the advanced pleated technology, our filters are a cost-effective way to upgrade the quality of air and sustain long service life.

As a manufacturer, we consider it as our responsibility to inform the customers about the timely replacement of air filters such as after every 2-3 months. Choose what filter pack you need and add it to your cart!

Important Note: A furnace air filter with an actual size 15.5×23.5×1.75 might be nominally labeled as 16X24X2. An improperly fitted air filter allows the dust particles to enter your indoor via HVAC system, so measure the size accordingly.

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